Education Intervention Programme

Our Talking Books can be used in existing/new schools, community halls or even to cater to the large number of Out-of-School Children in Nigeria.
With our Talking Books (and optional audio-splitter), we can reduce costs and increase the impact by enabling group learning of up to 5 children per pack.
A facilitator can effectively handle up to 100 children at a time in the hall. The facilitator would not be teaching in the class.
The Mavis Talking Pen serves as the “teacher”. The facilitator maintains orderliness and charges the Pens for the next usage.
This solution is over three times cheaper than existing approaches to education (in terms of number of teachers required, number of classrooms to be built/used).
It has tremendous positive impact on learning outcomes.
When deployed, it can be bench-marked against students who do not have access to this intervention, and the impact can be seen.
The outcome of this solution ensures that what children in conventional schools would take over 1 year to learn can be learned in less than 6 months.
The Mavis Education Program (MEP) Center in Mpape, Abuja (a rural community) has demonstrated this solution/service as well as our currently being deployed Education Intervention Centers in Bwari Abuja which is supported by the Embassy of the United States of America, Abuja. A tour of the facility can be provided on request.
Watch Product Demo Here:  Talking Books - A great way to learn languages and more
Our Goals
  • To improve literacy and numeracy levels for the Out-of-School Children (and all children) by providing access to Basic Education using our solution.
  • To motivate the children to pick interest in science and engineering subjects in the future.
  • Increasing their performance in national examinations – especially in the core subjects of English and Mathematics.
  • The solution can also have an added benefit for providing functional literacy for adults.
Target Audience
  • Out-of-School Children in Nigeria, especially the slums the Country.
  • Every other Child.
  • Other beneficiaries of this solution are the Parents/Guardian of the Children.
  • Adults - For Adult Education.
Our Solution’s Delivery Method
  • For Facilitators: Provision of Training on how to incorporate the use of the Talking Pens/Books™ to provide Basic Education.
  • For Out-of-School Children: Provision of Talking Pens/Books™ for use at our centers.
  • For Regular School Kids: Provision of Talking Pens/Books™ for After School use at our centers.
  • For Adults: Provision of Talking Pens/Books™ for Functional Education use at our centers.
If interested in knowing more about our Education Intervention Project or would like to deploy the solution in your school, churches, mosque, community halls, kindly Write to Us or call +2347095726566 and we would be in touch.

NB: This project is tagged Leave No Child Behind Nigeria - An Initiative in line with the global LNCB call to action.