Leveraging on Technology to Improve Basic Education In Bwari, Abuja

Update 2: Learning has commenced at the Kogo-2 Bwari Talking Books Education Intervention Center, Abuja. Most of these children have not been to school before in addition to in-school kids that were sent home due to school fees issues. Nigeria currently has the largest number of Out of School children in the world.
Each week day, these children will get to use the English Talking Book to learn English for Primary 1. Subsequently, they will advance to other Talking Books such as the English with Phonics-Primary 2, Mathematics-Primary 1 & 2, etc. The Talking books are interactive & audio-visual tools that make learning very easy & fun.
The kids (over 50 currently identified – ages 4 and above) in Kogo Community (in Bwari Abuja) are eager to learn and we’re excited that we can make this happen at no cost to them, thanks to the support from the Embassy of the United States of America Abuja, Nigeria. Children in the local public and private schools can also attend the center after school to help improve their learning.
Classes are currently scheduled from 8am – 10am daily at Winners Primary School, Opposite Vita Form, Kogo-2 Junction Bwari Abuja. We are making efforts to identify more of our target audience and enroll them into the program, creating more class schedules as the number increases. Also, monitoring and improving on our methods – The MEP Model. #ALeaveNoChildBehindInitiative#ChildDrivenEducation #KidsCanTeachThemselves#EducationTechnology
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