Introducing The Talking Books™

The Talking Books™ are interactive and audio-visual tools that make learning very simple and fun – for both children and adults. Learn:
  • Languages: English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.
  • Subjects: Mathematics, Science, etc.
  • Bible Stories for children.
It is a good resource for diplomats and their families to learn languages, for the military, for use in schools and language labs, for corporate bodies to use as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives in education (can be branded for clients), for governments to provide quality learning in public schools nationwide and in IDP Camps, etc.
A pack comes with:
  • The Mavis Pen (loaded with the audio app)
  • One Talking Book of your choice
  • Wall Charger & USB cable
  • Earpiece
  • 1 year warranty (Terms & Conditions Applies
More books can be purchased individually to use with the same Talking Pen. List of Available Talking Books includes:
Language Series:
  • English Books – with phonics
  • English to French Book
  • English to Arabic Book 
  • English to Spanish Book 
  • English to Hausa Book 
  • English to Igbo Book 
  • English to Yoruba Book 
Literacy Series:
  • Hausa-learning-English Book 1
Numeracy Series:
  • Mathematics Book 1A 
Children’s Bible Story Series:
  • The Teenage Warrior (David and Goliath)
Health Series: In English & Hausa at the Moment
  • Breastfeeding & Nutrition
  • Pregnancy, Births, Safe Motherhood & Child Health
  • Marriage & Prenatal Care
  • Immunization, Diarrhea & Hygiene
  • Malaria & Other Illnesses

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